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Simplify: My hero from Joplin

I heard a great story on NPR this morning. They interviewed a woman from Joplin, MO who’s house was completely destroyed by a tornado. Picking through the rubble with her insurance agent, they were trying to find anything that was salvageable. When asked how she was doing her comment was, “I’ve been very philosophical over the past couple of days”. She went on to explain that she had a sign in her basement that read “SIMPLIFY”. She’s been taking inspiration from that message over the years. She went on to explain that she had gone through a divorce, is a single parent and is a cancer survivor. This was another step in her journey to simplify her life. To remove the clutter and get back to what’s essential and important.

How profound! I’ve been going through this same trial in my mind over and over again. Simplify – sell stuff – get back to what’s important: FAMILY, your PASSION, HEALTH, GOD and SPIRITUAL AWAKENING!

I started the day off today on the wrong foot, wallowing in self pity, focusing on the destination and not the journey. Finding your passion is a lifelong quest. At least it is for me. If we can remain “in the moment” and stay focused on the “journey” things have a way of seeming less stressful, less burdensome. My heart goes out to those effected by the devastating tornadoes in the Midwest. The hell with this year’s American Idle or who makes the cover of INC this month. People like the tornado survivor from Joplin who can remain philosophical and stay focused on simplifying her life in the midst of utter chaos are truly an inspiration.