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Can YouTube really increase sales?

I have a confession to make. I’ve been resisting the YouTube revolution. I know it’s hard to believe as some people think of me as the Social Media Guy. My son loves doing searches on YouTube for Pokemon episodes, and my wife searches for new recipes and cooking ideas on YouTube all the time. Maybe I am a Neanderthal in that when I search Google, I typically shy away from clicking on videos.

What I learned from YouTube expert Julie Perry of BLASTMedia, is that I am definitely missing the boat. Julie was a contributing author of Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars. I recently attended a presentation she gave at the Marine Marketers of America meeting at the Miami Boat Show. Google paid $1.65B for YouTube for good reason. They’ve turned the most popular video sharing site into the second most popular search engine on the Internet behind their own flagship site. That’s larger than Yahoo!, Bing, AOL, and many others. Continue reading Can YouTube really increase sales?

Gmail IMAP trouble

Is it just me or does Google’s Gmail IMAP implementation just plain suck? I have two e-mail accounts, a work e-mail (@dockmaster.com) on an Exchange server and a personal e-mail (@camcollins.wpengine.com). I was using a simple POP account through GoDaddy for my personal e-mail and storing all of my e-mail in folders locally on my laptop. I back my Outlook folders up once per week.

When I got my iPad I decided it was time to get with it. So I started using dropbox for my personal files (which I love!) and Gmail for my persinal mail so my files/folders/contacts will sync with my Google account and I can start living in complete wireless iPad bliss.

I found some great article on moving POP accounts to IMAP using Outlook and then syncing those folders/files with Gmail. Click here to enable IMAP on Outlook and here to see how to sync files/folders.

It’s the syncing part that’s been painful. The files will partially copy and then I’ll get FAILURE notices saying that the server cannot be reached.

I have changed folder names to no avail. The error I get before this says that Outlook lost connection to the server. One I get this error, the error above will come up every time I attempt a subsequent sync. t might just be me and I hope so. Please comment if I am missing something…