Boosting communication and collaboration in your service business

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Using an integrated purpose built solution can increase the effectiveness of your service business while boosting customer satisfaction. In my previous post, I outlined how the free mobile apps from Google can help companies improve both communication and collaboration within their business. Some of the pitfalls of these free app is they they lack the features service managers need to dispatch and quickly re-prioritize tasks. In addition they tend to be disconnected from the commonly used dealer management and back-office accounting systems seen in most service businesses today.

In this post, I outline how a purpose built solution like MyTaskit that is designed to solve these problems while focusing on communication and collaboration, can overcome these issues.

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Buried in paper? It’s not just about saving trees. The effective way to go paperless using mobile apps


In my first post in this three part series, I described how the use of mobile apps can help improve Communication, Collaboration and Control in a service-oriented business like a boat dealership or boatyard. In this post, I show how using free mobile apps from Google can increase the level of communication and collaboration in a service business while maintaining a level of control to keep everyone focused.

One of the biggest challenges to any service business is scheduling resources to meet customer demands. Typically, the most well planned schedule used by a service manager or foreman at the start of each day is blown apart by 10:00 am. All types of things can throw the schedule off. Service companies need a quick and easy way to make adjustments to the schedule and notify their technicians of their prioritized tasks.

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The 4-step morning ritual that changed my life

morning ritual

The morning ritual that helps me get in tune with what’s important and increases my productivity throughout the day

There are some basics steps you can take to ease stress and reduce anxiety by using a morning ritual to start your day. The first step is to stop and take a deep breathe or two or three when you are feeling overwhelmed about the day ahead of you. To incorporate a sense of purpose in your life and get a fresh start each morning, read my post on Medium where I outline the morning ritual that changed my life.

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Optimize the use of mobile devices in your dealership while avoiding common pitfalls

Smartphone onboard

We all know that smartphones and tablet are everywhere. But as I travel around the country visiting boatyards, boat dealers and marinas, I have noticed that very few business operators are taking advantage of this phenomenon and utilizing these devices to boost margins and efficient.

I was recently asked the the Marine Retailers Association of America (MRAA) to write a series of blog posts outlining how marine businesses can use mobile devices to empower their workforce and drive customer loyalty while improving internal efficiencies. The first post in this series lays out the primary benefits of using mobile devices in a boat dealership or boatyard. It boils down to the three C’s: Communication, Collaboration and Control.

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3 ways to spend more time on the water and less in the boatyard

Intrepid 339

I wrote this post for Capt Ken Kreisler’s blog, The Boat and Yacht Report. In it I outline the 3 things you can do to ensure that your boat is properly maintained so your time on the water is more enjoyable. Preparing for a day or week on your boat requires planning. It can be disastrous when those plans are dashed because of an engine or system failure.

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On the road and can’t sleep? Maybe artificial light is the culprit

blue light insomnia

Could the little lights that shine through the night be negatively impacting our sleep? Whether you know it or not, some experts feel that lights from clock radios, alarms, TVs, audio/visual equipment, routers and smoke alarms keep us from getting the sleep we need. Could it be that when we travel and have less control over our environment that the problem is worse?

This post explores whether this issue really does effect people and whether the problem is more acute while on the road. You can read the complete post on @LinkedIn.

Can moms make a career comeback?

Carly Bali Sunset

My wife and I are extremely thankful that she’s been able to stay at home with our children from the time they were born. Next year our eldest son is entering high school (which we can’t believe) and our daughter is entering middle school. Since we are way past the thought of having “just one more”, my wife is now interested in re-entering the workforce. Since I have been the breadwinner from the time our first child was born, I forget just how much has changed. So the thought of joining the working world after such a long hiatus seems really daunting to my wife.

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Selma and the Transformation of a Segregationist

Collins King Selma

On Memorial Day we think of those that served in the Armed Forces and died for the freedom that all of us in the United States enjoy today. But there are others that fought for freedom and an equal right to vote who also lost their lives. These “freedoms” did not exist in the South before 1965.

Thinking about the influence of family and role models inspired me to “finally” publish a post that I’ve been working on for a while called “Selma and the Transformation of a Segregationist”. My father’s second cousin was Gov LeRoy Collins of Florida. Gov Collins was Florida’s 15th governor but he is probably best known for his stance on Civil Rights during a period of great racial unrest in the South during the 60s.

Given the riots that we are witnessing from Ferguson to Baltimore, I began to read about Selma and the courageous stance that was taken by many Americans and those that died fighting for civil rights.

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What I learned in Bali

Ubud Market

We’ve been back in the States now for a week and a lot of people have asked what my biggest takeaways were from being on the road, with my family for 5-weeks. For Americans, a 5-week holiday is a lifetime. I remember talking to a young couple from Holland who were on an eco-bike tour with us. When I told them we were from the U.S. and on a 5-week holiday the wife said, “That’s very odd for an American”.

I am thankful to many people for allowing me, my wife and kids to experience 5-weeks in Southeast Asia. The support I received from my company to allow this to happen was incredible and I want to thank everyone at My-Villages for covering for me. My wife is going through hundreds of photos and videos. We will publish them on Shutterfly soon.

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Gili Air

Going to Bali? Take a side trip to the Gili Islands

We stayed in Ubud for 2-weeks and while planning the trip one of things that I wanted to do was a take a side trip to Lombok, the island just east of Bali. However we had limited time and we wanted to simply get a feel for the island life. A couple of friends recommended that we visit Gili Air, the smallest of the three islands northwest of Lombok. “Air” means “water” in Balinese.

There are a couple of good posts on what to do in the Gili Islands. But if you only had two days and one night is it really worth going? If you want a place to completely get away from the congested traffic, motorbikes and crowds of tourists in places like Ubud, Seminyak and Kuta during the summer; the Gilis are a good respite. But you really need more than just two days to allow yourself to unwind and enjoy some of the things the islands have to offer like cruising, diving, surfing and fishing.

Oceans5 Dive Shop

Gili Air Street VendorGili Air doesn’t permit gas powered motorized vehicles on their tiny roads. To get around you either walk, bike or a hire a donkey drawn wagon. Once you realize how small the island is you realize that the wagons are more of a tourist draw than anything but they are great for photos and for the share “check list” factor.

Typical Donkey Cart in Gili Air
Typical Donkey Cart taxi in Gili Air

One of my favorite things about the Gilis are the colorful “spider” boats found through both Bali and Lombok. But due to it’s tiny size, the colorful boats of Gili Air are especially spectacular. We didn’t have time to hire one but we did swim around them as we shared the shallow reef while snorkeling with a number of tourist dive boats.

Spider Boats of Gili Air
Spider Boats of Gili Air

The snorkeling right off of the beach in Gili Air, especially behind and to the east of Smugglers Beach Club Cafe provides for some great diving that is easily accessible at depths of 3-5 meters. We witnessed a good selection South Pacific marine life. Interestingly we met a volunteers at the California , we were able to catch a glimpse of this ecosystem with our own two eyes.

Sleeping BuddhaWe stayed at Smugglers Hideaway, which is made up of a small collection of motel rooms and a nice pool. While not right on the beach, it was a short walk from the beach and easily accessible to the beachfront cafes, bars and dive shops. “Easily” means 15 minutes that once you leave the Hideaway takes you between a couple of homesteads.

Interestingly, Buddhist chanting could be heard through the night over a loudspeaker that apparently was being emitted from the , seemingly random.

The statue to the left symbolized our state of mind in Gili Air. It’s a popular figure as we’ve seen variations of it throughout Bali but the rustic, sleepy and tranquil nature of Gili Air is embodied in the sleeping man.


Panoramic view on Gili Air of Lombok
Panoramic view on Gili Air of Lombok
Barracuda and Red Snapper
Barracuda and Red Snapper
Donkey Cart Taxi
Donkey Cart Taxi









Beachside bungelows
Beachside bungalows
Sailboat off of Gili Air
Sailboat off of Gili Air
Boats of Gili Air
Boats of Gili Air
Sunset in Gili Air
Sunset in Gili Air