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Fight for Air Climb

On Saturday I walked (as quickly as I could) up 30 flights of stairs in the 2011 American Lung Association Fight For Air Climb at the 110 Building in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I climbed with a number of hiking buddies of mine – our team name is “BlueBag”, which is code for lavatory if you were to go on a multi-day climb on one of the world’s famous peaks.

This was a fun event for a good cause. Hundreds of people did the climb. I was able to make the ascent in 4:15 which earned me the number 7 slot in the 40-49 age bracket. Our team also gained the #1 and #2 slots in the male 40-49, the #1 slot in male 50-59 and #1 in male 70-99. The results can be found here.

I am a cancer survivor, so the climb had special meaning for me. On top of that we just lost a dear friend, neighbor and mother of two young boys to breast cancer. Cancer sucks! I hope these types of events will continue to bring awareness and more especially generate funds for continued research. I often wonder if the funds are being spent appropriately but I am not up for chasing down that thread at the moment. I just want to continue fighting for air!