Adventures in iOS Land –> HTML5 CSS3 and JQuery Mobile

DockMaster MobileMy Adventures in iOS Land have stalled. Why? Because I’ve been diving into HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery Mobile. The requirements for the app I am developing seem to be more suited for mobile website rather than a native app. I am developing a business app that connects to server code running on either a Linux or Windows-based server. The connection method is a SOAP web service. Thanks to Mateo Casati for his excellent post on SOAP clients using AJAX. We have adapted this code to work with an ASP.NET web service. We also created a wrapper around Mateo’s foundation that allows for cross-domain calls.

JQuery Mobile has proven to be an adequate platform for the user experience I want to create thus far. I am only at the beginning of this project and may need to look at PhoneGap or some other kind of solution to migrate what I’ve done on the web to a native app if native controls become necessary. Eventually I want to explore using the XCode Interface Designer as a mobile layout platform. There are some tools out there that claim to convert the .xib files produced by Xcode to Javascript files. Has anyone had success taking this route?