Adventures in iOS Land – Day 1+

One-calendar-day1My first day digging into Titanium didn’t quite turn out like I had planned. Setting up XCode (once I received by Apple Developer Program credentials) and Titanium Studion was very straight-forward. I am using Xcode 4.2 and Titanium Studio 1.0.7. I also installed the Android SDK. The help and SDK installers seem to have improved since I tried installing Titanium on Windows XP.

Appcelerator has done a great job preparing tutorials and videos in what they call AppU. Three starter videos are provided upon installation: Preparing for Mobile Development, Getting Started with the Development Environment and Sample Projects.

My first project is a business app. I’ve already created the basic prototype using jQuery Mobile. You can find it here. This app will communicate with a .NET XML SOAP web service running on a Windows Server. Since we are developing mobile apps to facilitate business management systems, it is key that the app work with a web service supporting Windows business applications. Given this backdrop, it became apparent that I needed to bone up on SOAP, Javascript and jQuery.

I bought the jQuery Cookbook some time ago, but hadn’t cracked the cover until recently. I started working through the basic examples to get an understanding of jQuery and Javascript basics. You can find the tutorials here. I then started looking specifically at jQuery client side examples using AJAX to communicate with an XML SOAP web service. Here are some that were helpful to me:

Posting XML SOAP Requests with jQuery

Using AJAX with jQuery Mobile

Creating a Javascript Soap Client

Even though I’ve made much less progress that I had hoped, I’ve learned a lot about jQuery and SOAP. On our Windows server I am using a slick testing environment called SoapUI. Blogger Jason Cohen is involved in this project and I’d like to give him a big shout out for not only helping to create a great tool, but for writing some great posts on the business of software.

  • Good luck on your journey Cam. I’d recommend getting up to speed on JavaScript, but stay away from WebViews and jQuery in the app if you can. On my first Titanium app, I used lots of WebViews and JQuery – they use a lot of memory on a mobile device. Better to use the native controls like TableViews, Labels, etc. Much faster, and a much better user experience.

    So sorry you need to use SOAP – your life would be a lot easier if you had a RESTful / JSON service to use.


  • @Jeff – I hear you on JSON. Its a much more natural fit with Javascript. My Dev team who is responsible for all the server-side code selected SOAP long before I started sticking my nose into their business. (I am the business guy by day :))

    Interesting comment about JQuery though. Right now I am developing my prototype in JQuery Mobile so since it’s basically a website that framework works pretty well. But when it’s time to develop native apps I will certainly keep that in mind.